Lorekeeper is an open-source framework for managing deviantART-based ARPGs/closed species masterlists coded using the Laravel framework. In simple terms - you will be able to make a copy of the site, do some minor setup/enter data about your species and game, and it'll provide you with the automation to keep track of your species, players and ARPG submissions.

Lorekeeper is open-source, which means it's free for you to use and modify to your needs. Please see the tutorials below for instructions on setting up!
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Development status:

  • Basic framework is complete.
  • Currently, there are no plans for when any further major updates may occur.
  • Smaller updates (bug fixes, etc.) are announced on Discord.
  • List of future plans


Github: https://github.com/corowne/lorekeeper
Demo site: http://lorekeeper.me/
Discord server: https://discord.gg/U4JZfsu

For more information, please contact Cy through email: moc.liamg|enworoc#moc.liamg|enworoc

Tips are always appreciated! https://ko-fi.com/corowne


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