Admin Panel

The admin panel collects most of the features of the site that require user rank power to access. These features give users the ability to create and modify data that will be used on the site. This page will list the links available in the admin panel, categorised by the power required to access it.



These can only be edited by the admin account, which is not an assignable power.

User Ranks
Create and edit user ranks to assign to users.

Edit Text Pages

Create and edit news posts.
Create and edit site pages.

Manage Users

User Index
Lists all users on the site. This links to pages for each user that allow for editing of user information (note that the Edit Ranks power is needed to edit the user's rank), bans, and a record of user information that was edited by staff.
Invitation Keys
Create and delete invitation keys to register for the site when the site is closed for public registration.

Manage Submissions

Prompt Submissions
View, approve and reject prompt submissions.
Claim Submissions
View, approve and reject claim submissions.

Edit Inventories

Currency Grants
Grant and remove currencies from users.
Item Grants
Grant items to users.

Edit World Data

Create and edit rarities.
Create and edit species.
Create and edit species subtypes.
Trait Categories
Create and edit trait categories.
Create and edit traits.
Item Categories
Create and edit item categories.
Create and edit items.
Create and edit shops and shop stock.
Prompt Categories
Create and edit prompt categories.
Create and edit prompts.
Character Categories
Create and edit character categories.
Create and edit currencies.
Loot Tables
Create and edit loot tables.

Manage Masterlist

Create Character
Create a character.
Create MYO Slot
Create an MYO slot.
Character Transfers
View and approve/deny character transfers.
Character Trades
View and approve/deny character trades.
Design Updates
View and approve/reject character design updates.
MYO Approvals
View and approve/reject MYO design submissions.

Manage Raffles

Create raffles and raffle groups, and modify tickets for raffles.

Edit Site Settings

Site Settings
Edit site settings.
Site Images
Edit site settings and additional CSS file.
File Manager
Upload and manage files.

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