Character Images

Character Images are a subsection of Characters and MYO Slots. They are used for managing the main part of the character itself - its visual image, rarity, species and traits.


Character images are automatically created when a character or MYO slot is created, and when their design is updated through the design updates system. They can also be added manually from the character's page by a staff member with the Manage Masterlist power.

Character images are intended to be used as "versions" of a character's design - for example, a character with multiple forms, and/or to keep track of past designs the character has had. Each image is separate from the other and can have completely different species/rarity/traits.

Updates to a character's images can be tracked via Bookmarks.



The character image form has certain variations depending on whether you are viewing it in character creation, new image creation or the design updates forms - some options may not always be available. However, images have all of the following properties:

Is Visible determines whether the image is visible to the public. If set to Off, only staff members with the relevant power can see the image.

Is Valid is a cosmetic toggle - if set to Off, a note will be displayed on the image saying

This version of this character is outdated, and only noted here for recordkeeping purposes. Do not use as an official reference.

Character Image is for uploading the main image for the character. Use Image Cropper allows the user to use a cropping application on the page to crop a thumbnail from the uploaded image, which will be used on the character masterlist. Alternatively, a Thumbnail Image can be uploaded in its place.

Designer(s) and Artist(s) are used for adding credits for the image's creation. Multiple designers and artists may be attached to a single image.

Image Notes is an optional field for adding any additional information about the image. Suggestions include how this version of the character was obtained, any special effects for traits that are too long to fit in the trait descriptions, etc.

Species is the species of the character. This is required for creating full characters and optional for creating MYO slots. If this is assigned for an MYO slot, the character created must be that species.

Character Rarity is the rarity of the character. This is required for creating full characters and optional for creating MYO slots. If this is assigned for an MYO slot, the character created must be that rarity.

Traits is the list of traits to be attached to this image. Any amount of traits, or none, can be attached. If any traits are selected for an MYO slot, they cannot be removed when the user edits the design approval request for it. Traits also contain an additional extra info slot - this can be used to give unique information about how the trait is used on the character. For example, a "Fish Tail" trait can be specified to be "Shark" or "Goldfish".


Once an image has been added, the information can be edited on the images page by staff with the relevant power. Each image in the gallery at the bottom of the page can be clicked to bring up information about the image and each section can be edited separately. A few other options become available:

  • Is Viewable
  • Reupload Image
  • Set Active (only for any non-active image)
  • Delete

Is Viewable can be used to hide the image from the character's page. This cannot be toggled off for the character's active image.

Reupload Image can be used to reupload the character's masterlist image.

Set Active changes the character's active image - this is the image that is displayed on the masterlist.

Delete will completely delete the image as well as the actual images (main image and thumbnail) themselves. The character's active image cannot be deleted.

Additionally, when there are more than one image in the character's image gallery, they can be sorted/reordered by staff.

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