Species are used to categorise characters. Subtypes are subcategories of species that can optionally be assigned to characters as well. They can be edited in the admin panel by users with the Edit World Data power.

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Species and subtypes are assigned to characters upon creation. Staff can fix the species and subtype for a MYO slot by selecting a species during MYO slot creation. Additionally, traits may also be made assignable to a specific species only. Subtypes do not impose any restrictions on trait selection and are mainly cosmetic.

Traits and characters can be filtered by species on the world page and masterlist pages respectively.


Species have the following properties:

  • Name
  • World Page Image
  • Description (accepts HTML)

Name is the species's name.

The World Page Image is shown in the encyclopedia, and nowhere else. As with all encyclopedia images, the recommended size is 200 x 200 pixels, but can be any size.

Description is a description of the species for the encyclopedia page.

Additionally, the sort order of species can be edited from the Species index page. This order affects the display order on the encyclopedia page.

Subtypes have the same properties, but additionally:

  • Species

The Species is required, but species do not need to have subtypes.

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